Accent Consulting In The Community: WHIN's Annual Meeting 2022

Published: December 14, 2022

As a proud supporter of WHIN (Wabash Heartland Innovation Network), our founder & CEO Phil Wright attended their 2022 Annual Meeting on behalf of Accent Consulting. This year, WHIN is celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary! The celebration, held in the Shively Club of Ross Ade Stadium, kicked off with some cocktails and networking, along with a welcome from Pat Corey. Dinner was served and followed by the Annual Meeting Program, with presentations by special guests Dr. Mung Chiang, Dr. Aaron Baute, Brad Chambers, and Mitch Frazier. Another round of networking wrapped up the night, closing out a wonderful celebration of all the great work WHIN does for our region.

Johnny Park, CEO of WHIN, was also recently named as one of the recipients of the Hoosier of the Year award. This award, presented by the Indiana Society of Chicago Foundation, is meant to recognize & celebrate businesses, schools, and individuals that carry the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship to make significant contributions to the state of Indiana. We would like to congratulate Johnny on this incredible achievement!

What is WHIN?

Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) is an alliance of 10 counties in north-central Indiana devoted to working together to fuel prosperity by harnessing the power of Internet-enabled sensors to develop our region into a global epicenter of digital agriculture and next-gen manufacturing. WHIN’s goal is to eliminate the socio-economic gap between rural and urban areas caused by the lapse in electricity adoption in rural Midwest regions 100 years ago. 

Accent is more than happy to show our support of WHIN. They’re a collective of local agriculture and manufacturing organizations, which happen to be two of the three verticals that Accent serves most. It only made sense that we would further support these businesses through WHIN’s mission as well. WHIN has also started an initiative to bring broadband internet connection to the rural areas of north-central Indiana for those who don’t have access or cannot afford it. This initiative has played a major role in providing internet connection to students within local school corporations as most assignments and even classes are done online, especially since Covid forced just about everything to go virtual. Overall, WHIN is a technology -based company and we are proud to support their innovative approach to digitalizing local agriculture and manufacturing processes. 

If you’re an agriculture or manufacturing organization and you need help implementing business intelligence or want to adopt IoT in your business, Accent can help! Give us a call at 877.426.1337 or Schedule A Meeting.

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