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Software Development

The Accent Development Team can design reliable, high performance software for your business. We develop custom applications and databases to meet any business need, and our company emphasis on customer service and support ensures that you get exactly what you order. We have created hundreds of programs for a range of environments and devices, completely customized to fit customer requirements.

What this means for your company is that we can offer best-in-class software solutions to better connect your existing software, develop custom solutions for the unique challenges your company faces, and create new programs to set you far ahead of your competition.


Mobile and Web Applications

Your business needs to be able to access critical technology resources away from the traditional 9-to-5 office setting and your customers expect the convenience of placing orders and requesting services without inconvenience or delay. With our mobile application and web development experience you will be able to provide your team and your customers with the convenience of iOS and Android applications. In combination with our excellent server and database solutions, your company will have the power of a centralized IT system with the mobility of a smartphone or tablet.


Application Integration

Are you frustrated that applications that are critical to your business are no longer updated or don’t work properly with newer software or operating systems? With Accent Consulting’s Application Integration service, you will be able to ‘bridge-the-gap’ between technologies so that you can maintain high levels of interoperability and minimize downtime. We will work with your existing IT systems to develop software and hardware solutions that will keep your business from having to purchase new and overpriced software.


Database Applications

Your company sends and receives large amounts of data every day. As time goes by, more and more of your information will be stored electronically, and implementing intelligent database solutions today will prevent problems in the future. With the increased productivity of having a best-in-class database solution, and the cost savings in not having to pay for expensive administrative services, you will be confident that you are ready for the ‘data revolution’. Our highest priority at Accent Consulting is the security and privacy of your data, and we use industry standard best practices to help ensure that your company’s data is not lost, manipulated, or destroyed.

Software Projects We have Developed

  • Accounting software
  • Website development
  • Video capture and playback component technologies
  • Inventory management and production planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Geographic map plotting software & GIS
  • Off-site data transport software
  • Remote monitoring and analytic software
  • Terminal server software
  • Business intelligence trends
  • Label designer and printer applications
  • Automatic HDD defragmentation
  • Financial calculation and reporting software
  • Mobile & web applications
  • Database applications
  • Enterprise ERP/CRM

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