Accent Consulting is the leading provider of Managed IT, Managed Security, Software Development, Technology Consulting, Professional Services, and Cloud Solutions in Indiana. Our goal is to provide expert support to small and mid-sized companies, educational organizations, non-profits, and government. The reliability and security of your IT systems are our number one priority, and we can adapt to meet your current needs and scale as your business grows.

Whether you are an IT Professional looking for specific help on unique challenges or a business owner or executive that is not receiving best-in-class service at a fair price, Accent Consulting is your trusted partner in IT consulting and outsourcing. Our Philosophy places emphasis on providing explicit alignment of services with your particular needs. Our goal is to standardize and automate our solutions wherever possible to minimize your costs. We believe in simple and transparent pricing, because we value both your business and time.

We know that you value your customer's data. We will work with you to analyze the threats to your business, recommend best practices, and implement them in an efficient and cost-effective way. It is our mission to ensure the Security, Privacy, and Compliance of your IT systems.

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