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Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps

The traditional IT model has relied on installing and maintaining expensive and hard to move servers and workstations directly on-site.

The Cloud model means that instead of installing expensive and unwieldy equipment in multiple locations, you can now safely and securely use a high-speed datacenter to give you more capabilities at a substantially reduced cost.

You will be able to access your data and applications from any location with an internet connection, and you will be free from the endless cycle of upgrading hardware. 

Local Solutions with a Global Reach

Accent Consulting is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions. We will help you identify exactly how you can put cloud technology to work for you. We can deploy private, public, or hybrid clouds so that your business has the right balance of convenience and control. 

Why choose Accent Consulting’s Cloud Solutions

  • 1. You will be able to access your files and applications nearly everywhere and on virtually any device.
  • 2. Your IT support, maintenance, and software costs will be included in your monthly plan.
  • 3. You only pay for the applications, storage, and software that you actually use. The days of paying for ‘bloatware’ and programs your company doesn’t need are over!
  • 4. Instant backup means that your data is protected in real time in a secure datacenter.
  • 5. As your business grows you will be able to quickly increase your technology capabilities without expensive up-front costs.

Accent’s comprehensive data backup services help companies answer “yes” to these challenges and ensure that operations continue smoothly after fire, theft, or technical accident. Plans begin as low as $75/month. 

Deployment Models

Private clouds:

A private cloud solution uses onsite datacenters which provide the best security and highest level of control, but require very large start-up and maintenance costs.

Public clouds

Public clouds utilize offsite data centers that are substantially cheaper than private clouds, but they do not allow users as much control over how their data is stored.

Hybrid clouds

Accent Consulting strongly recommends Hybrid Cloud solutions to our customers. A Hybrid Cloud solution utilizes a combination of Private and Public Cloud services to keep your most important data centralized and easily controlled, but also allows you much greater cost controls. If you want the best of both worlds, Accent Consulting’s Hybrid Cloud solutions are right for you. 

Contact Us to learn more about what Cloud Solutions might be right for your business!

Network and Server Monitoring

Managing your networks and servers is a 24/7 job. With the constant threat of attack, user error, and maintenance our customers find that Accent Consulting’s remote Network and Server Monitoring is the safest and most convenient solution available to them. We will provide premier protection against external threats, and you will know that you always have the most up-to-date software and drivers. We take care of all of this in the background so that your costs and downtime are minimized. 

AntiVirus and AntiSpam

You deserve to feel confident that your IT systems are being actively protected from malware, phishing, and spam. With Accent Consulting’s AntiVirus and AntiSpam solutions you will know that you have a trusted partner preventing and filtering threats before they can cause downtime. We are constantly updating our software to ensure that you have the latest protections, and we will help you keep your network and data secure. Cloud Services

  • Exchange and Mail Services
  • Office 365
  • Backup
  • Databases
  • Sharing
  • Server