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Professional IT Services

Professional Services

We offer a full range of Professional Services to our clients. We are able to help your organization with Server and Workstation Implementation, Network Migration, Wireless Office and Building to Building Networking, Video and Telephonic Services, and Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Upgrade/Migration. 

Off-Site Support

Most of Accent’s work is completed remotely from our office in Lafayette, Indiana. Remote technologies utilized by Accent include:

  • Remote Desktop
  • VNC
  • Terminal Services
  • WebEx
  • LIVE Communication Services

These technologies make your machine viewable to us so we can further troubleshoot and fix any problems. This is quick, convenient, and secure for all parties involved. It also is a great solution for emergencies when quick response time is most important. The convenience of these technologies is a huge benefit to both groups as it enables us to work on your system at nearly anytime from any location. When an emergency situation occurs, we will then be able to take care of whatever problem may be occurring no matter what time of day.

On-Site Support

Although most of Accent’s work and capabilities are done remotely, there are times when on-site work is needed. Accent is able to provide on-site solutions for:

  • Monthly contract visits
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • On-site emergencies

For all-inclusive support options, check out our managed service plans!

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