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Implementing Business Intelligence

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process using data mining & visualization for analyzing and presenting actionable information to assist executives and managers in making informed business decisions. 

BI allows you to easily consume vast amounts of data through reports, dashboards, alerts, and automation.

Business Intelligence reduces the time it takes to discover, track, and analyze data in real time. With this awareness, the business owner and the team can quickly take action when needed. BI streamlines budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and cash flow with a complete overview of critical data in the business.


Reports are printable snapshots generated on demand by visiting a website, launching an app, scheduling an email, etc. These reports can be delivered or printed automatically with specific recurrence patterns.
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Dashboards are typically accessible via website or application. They can show real-time or historical data, be static or interactive. They let everyone know how your company is performing at all times.


Alerts are notifications of events or KPIs that fall outside of their predefined thresholds. These alerts can trigger an email, a text message, business process workflows, an automated action, or auto remediation.


Automation allows companies to define business process workflows & execute predefined activities without human intervention or timely decisions.

Want To Learn More About Business Intelligence?

Accent Consulting's Founder & CEO, Phil Wright, will be giving a free seminar on achieving business growth through the concepts of Business Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Click the button below for more information on the event and how to register to attend!

3 Key Benefits of Implementing Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence allows you to have real-time visibility of all of your revenue, departments, finances, production, and output. With this, company and even individual goals can be tracked and updated in real-time. This means everyone in your organization – from leadership to production – will know if you’re winning or losing at all times.

Business Intelligence automatically pulls data from multiple sources and delivers it to you in an easily-digestable format, such as a report or a dashboard. This makes it easier to make quick, strategic business decisions based on objective-based data, rather than relying on a hunch.

Business Intelligence collects, analyzes, and reports data automatically at all times. This means that at any time of day, whether you’re in the office or not, the BI process continues. Business Intelligence also enables you to identify early-stage problems, forecast results, and have a real-time measure on net new sales and customer satisfaction. You are always aware of how your company is performing, which grants you the freedom to run your business from any device anywhere in the world. 

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