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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting for businesses

Accent Consulting provides technology consulting for businesses in need of IT support. We’ll provide guidance for specific technical projects. If you are building a new IT system or modifying an existing one? Accent can guide your company to the most cost-effective and sophisticated IT solutions. We aim to build systems that enhance business operations, automate tasks, increase productivity, improve user experience, and minimize ongoing maintenance costs. Accent Consulting has 12 years of consulting experience for hundreds of businesses, ranging in size from small to enterprise level, across dozens of verticals, and both US and global in scale.

The core values of our design and implementation strategy

  • Effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Growth
  • Adaptability
  • Security

In today’s commercial environment, a secure and well-performing business infrastructure is needed to stay competitive. Whatever your unique needs are, we’ll tailor a solution specifically to meet them, and allow you to focus on your business.

Find out more about how Accent Consulting can help your business with managed services.

Technology Assessment

If you are unsure where to begin in upgrading or implementing new IT systems, Accent Consulting is here to offer you professional and expert guidance. We can help you review your current IT systems and find the opportunities and vulnerabilities inherent in your system. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of customers served, we have the knowledge base to be able to handle any challenges you may face. We will always speak to you with respect, and we will listen to your needs before we make any recommendations.

Strategic Planning

You are no longer competing against ‘the company across town’. Today you face competitors around the Midwest, the country, and the world. Accent Consulting recognizes that this poses great risk and offers even greater reward to companies that have a strategic vision. As part of the development of your long-term strategy, you must be thinking about the evolving IT landscape. We have the capability to offer you solutions today for the problems of tomorrow. We will help you begin the process of automation, virtualization, and cloud integration. If you think about how your business will be growing in five or ten years, Accent Consulting is the IT partner for you.

Request for Proposal

We often receive requests to propose IT solutions for non-profits, education, and government organizations. In some cases these organizations make Requests for Proposals so that they are able to actively request bids from other IT providers. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a clear understanding of what your specific organization needs, and we offer full reporting and guidance on the meaning of any technical concepts or terminology you need further clarification on. In many cases our proposal is superior to competing company’s estimates of service, and if your organization requests us to implement our proposal we are more than happy to do so.

Research Support

We have found that many of our customers, in both industry and education, need very detailed market research support or technical guidance for specific projects. We offer technical guidance, hardware set-up and support, and analytics for special research projects. We understand that research and development is an ongoing process, so we are also able to offer ongoing technical and data analytic support for long-term or permanent research needs.

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