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One of the biggest concerns for U.S. Manufacturers today is decreasing downtime. 

Today, the manufacturing sector is continuing to be the most impacted by ransomware and cyberattacks. A single cyberattack can cost a manufacturers more than $8,000 per minute in downtime costs alone and, in 2022, the average downtime caused by ransomware nearly doubled from 6.4 to 12.2 days.  What’s more, manufacturing had the highest share of cyber attacks among the leading industries worldwide. 

Accent Consulting’s team of certified IT experts are ready to help with manufacturing it support & keep your business up and running in a world of constantly evolving technology and cyber crime. For the last 20 years, we have helped manufactures with foundational best practices and specialized expertise to help mitigate risk and keep efficiencies high. Accent helps reduce downtime through the implementation of proper cyber security protocols as well as:

  1. Maintaining an accurate inventory of all connected devices.
  2. Network segmentation to reduce the impact of unauthorized access.
  3. Non-intrusive network monitoring to help detect potential threats before it affects uptime.

Multi-Site Support

Our IT Professionals have first-hand experience working with multi-site manufacturing companies.

Remote Support

Through remote support, we can manage your IT needs instantly from any location.
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Network Services

Faster internet speeds means less time waiting and more time producing.

Point-to-Point WiFi

We can create strong point-to-point network support across your single building, multi-building campus, or multiple locations.
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Cloud Solutions

Access your securely stored files from virtually anywhere with cloud file management.

Secure Storage

Secure your important documents with encrypted, multi-factor authentication.
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Your trusted partner for business IT

Whether you need a full IT team or just specialized services, our team is here to help.

Leading Manufacturing IT Support

Our technicians use a network diagnostic tools to develop a plan for security using industry best practices that is tailored specifically to your business. We build out a framework for the security of your data, train you on the latest user security behavior and can help with compliance and emerging regulations in industries where applicable.

ERP Management

We have experience with many of the leading ERP systems. We work with you to integrate your ERP package with your existing network to ensure full connectivity.

Production Logistics

From process monitoring to the entire supply chain, our IT services keep you connected and efficient. Data standardization allows consistency for all processes and promotes clear communication between departments.


 A ramp-up in technology requires a professional IT provider who can offer clear direction and a smooth transition. Your increased workloads can easily scale to the cloud with no upfront costs or time delays. We are prepared to expand your connectivity as your company grows, so your technology burden is lifted off your shoulders and you can focus on doing what you do best.

No Hidden Costs

With our managed IT solutions, you have a flat monthly rate so you won’t have to worry about hidden charges or surprise fees. Our services will cover the management, monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

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We can help you sort through your technology needs, assess your network security status and help you reach the level of IT infrastructure you need.