PCI Compliance

Protect Your Customer Credit Card Informatiion

Becoming PCI compliant can prevent vulnerability to data breaches, card replacement costs, penalties, and fines. The process to becoming compliance is easy with the guidance of a managed service provider like Accent Consulting.

Prevent Fines and Penalties with PCI Compliance

PCI compliance offers a framework of security controls that protect your customer data against malicious threats and breaches. However, a minimum compliance structure does not fully guarantee security. It’s important to also have a continuous security plan in place so that security controls are monitored and managed by an IT professional.

We are experience in managed security and understand what it takes to be PCI compliant and can manage the details for you. 

Is This a Law?

If your business collects or processes credit cards, having and implementing a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance strategy is imperative and is required by law. 

To prevent fraud and data breaches from insecure networks and payment systems, the five major credit card brands established PCI standards in 2004 that regulate the payment industry today.  It is crucial for both your customers’ protection and yours, to maintain a secure and compliant network.

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