The Benefits of Microsoft 365

Published: April 10, 2023

It has been recently announced that Google will be increasing the prices for their most commonly utilized business editions of Workspace by 20% starting in April. This jump in pricing has shocked small and medium sized business owners and is leading many to reconsider what Microsoft 365 has to offer. This price hike also nearly eliminates Google’s previous affordability benefit over Microsoft 365. With this in mind, Microsoft has several other distinct advantages that make switching a no-brainer:

1. Security

Microsoft 365 offers more stringent security measures to defend users from security threats. Their security includes advanced data centers, enhanced anti-spam and antivirus protection, encryption, and seamless multi-factor authentication integration. Additionally, Microsoft also ensures maintenance of business continuity in case of data breach or natural disaster. Overall, Microsoft has consistently proven their commitment to confidentiality and integrity.

2. Reliability

Microsoft is also one of the only providers that offers a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA), meaning that Microsoft’s online services must meet their commitment for uptime and connectivity. They have guaranteed a 99.9% availability. This would be equivalent to about 8.8 hours of downtime across the year. In comparison, Google’s SLA is much more confusing, as it has tiers. Microsoft is evidently very confident in their own services and their ability to maintain their availability.

3. Consistency

The user experience and document view remain consistent across various platforms and devices, both on and offline. This enables users to be productive from anywhere at any time. This includes the desktop and mobile apps as well. Whereas with Google, your capabilities are restricted when offline and the user experience is inconsistent across their services.

4. Innovation

Microsoft’s Office applications have been continuously improved over decades and remains at the core of Microsoft 365’s success. They continue to offer bigger and better services and tools. Google has yet to compete with Microsoft’s innovation, leading Google Workspace users to switch to Microsoft 365.

Are you also considering making the switch? A trusted partner in IT can help ensure the process is efficient and seamless. As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience, Accent Consulting would be happy to help your company make the migration to Microsoft 365. Our team of experienced technicians can provide the best solution to meet your needs to ensure a seamless transition with minimal downtime. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Accent Consulting can help your business with Microsoft 365.

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