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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Accent Consulting makes sure that our customers have access to the best communication systems for their particular needs. We offer solutions for Telephone and VOIP, Video Conferencing, Chat, Instant Messaging, and mobile. Our Unified Communications solutions will allow your company to communicate quickly and at far greater value than obsolete wired solutions. You will keep all of the functionality of your current communication systems, but you will now be able to chat, video call, and send messages with the click of a button.

Accent can implement phone systems that are easier to manage and cooperate better with your other office technologies.Our partnership with voice solutions provider 3CX helps us design systems that integrate traditional phones with desktop software and a variety of mobile devices. Key advantages include:

  • Take your office number with you on the go — These systems work with a range of mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. When you leave the office, you can still access your voice mail and place/receive calls from your work number, perfect for the frequent traveler or delivery service.
  • Eliminate expensive hardware requirements — Systems can be configured to use VOIP services (voice over Internet protocol) that don’t require separate wiring and are often less expensive. 3CX phones are easy to install and configuration is managed via a web-based interface.
  • Easily customized extension settings — Set your office extensions, message recordings, and other features from a easy-to-use web interface, without the need to call tech support. Start calls from your desktop application with just a few mouse clicks.
  • See when other users are unavailable — Desktop software can eliminate phone tag by indicating when extensions are busy with another call or not in the office. Built-in features allow you to text or instant message a busy user instead.
  • Reduce your phone bill — Connect remote offices via bridges and all calls between offices are free. Employees travelling can make free calls back to the office as well, and 3CX systems reduce the number of telephone lines needed.

Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone services are a business telecom solution often ideal for small and medium sized businesses. Instead of dealing with landlines and hardware setup, a business can turn management of its phone systems over to a VOIP service, which in turn can direct calls to any device set up on the network.Benefits ofusing a Hosted PBX:

  • Cost Saving —No upfront hardware investments, and typically lower ongoing operation costs as well compared to a traditional office phone system.
  • Ease of use —Web-based interfaces make it easy to manage, monitor, and make changes to your phone system at any time.
  • Flexibility —Employees can work from anywhere; at home, other offices, overseas, or using mobile devices, and still be in communication.
  • Scalability — A hosted PBX can easily expand as your business grows.
  • Virtual Presence –A hosted PBX system can allow you to set up local numbers in cities that you have no physical presence in.

Accent has implemented a range of video solutions, from popular chat programs to specifically purposed custom software. These systems can enable meetings that are more professional and productive than conference calls, without the time and expenses of in-person travel. Users can talk in real time, or leave video messages — great for giving a presentation or showing off a new product.

Our development portfolio includes applications for:

  • Video file archival
  • Human resources and interviewing
  • Video e-mail and messaging

Accent is a certified vendor of both Cisco Telepresence and Polycom technologies, enabling clear video conferences from around the world in real time.Security & Surveillance

The same office network that connects your workstations can also be outfitted to deliver high-quality video surveillance throughout your business facility. Accent is proud to be an AXIS Distribution Partner to deliver security solutions that will fit your business needs. Authorized users can access an HD stream remotely, or have the video files stored on a secure network hard drive. With triggered event features, you can schedule to have your cameras begin recording at a specific time each day or night.

Overall, our network surveillance solutions provide superior image quality, improved scalability, and are generally more affordable than traditional CCTV systems. In addition, some AXIS systems are cloud-based and thus are both more flexible and far less hassle than traditional systems.

Software Monitoring
Accent has experience deploying software monitoring systems for clients looking to improve workplace productivity and limit liabilities from unauthorized employee activity. These easy-to-manage solutions can:

  • Present a live view of remote desktops
  • Catalog Internet and instant messenger usage
  • Store a complete history of activity for every user
  • Track any user’s keystrokes in real time
  • Remotely control user workstations