In This Period of Economic Crisis, Maybe It’s Time You Took A

Closer Look

At What You’re REALLY Getting For The Money You’re Spending On IT Services And Support

“Phil and his team were instrumental in recommending and deploying a first-class, remote access solution, into our existing networking environment. Their solution was much less invasive, more resilient, and cost-effective than other suggestions we were provided. The implementation went smoothly and Phil and his team ensured the solution was operational before our deliverable date; overall a job well done.”– Brian Kerkhoff, President/Owner, KA Components    

Dear Colleague,          

If someone could prove to you that tens of thousands of dollars were being unintentionally “stolen” from your organization – while simultaneously exposing you to hard losses that could stack up to the millions – wouldn’t you want them to tell you about it?          

My name is Phil Wright, CEO/Owner of Accent Consulting. On the surface, we appear to be “just another” IT firm, but what we really deliver to CEOs like you is a profit-centric approach to IT. Our deliverable is MONEY, EFFICIENCY and peace of mind (SECURITY). Our approach is unique: We ensure your IT systems and investments actually drive profitable growth and shareholder value, not just “make your computers work.”        

 I do realize that my opening claim may seem “sensational,” and that you’d be tempted to throw this letter away thinking I’m just another crackpot consultant looking for a paycheck. Maybe you think, “we’re fine.” It’s natural to insist, “Not in MY company,” or to think your IT team or company has you covered.           

But I can assure you of this: Like Sherlock Holmes, I have never failed to find significant and preventable losses that were occurring in the companies I’ve audited – and it’s my firm belief that right now, this very minute, such losses are occurring in YOUR organization. You ARE being underserved and left unprotected. If you have even a sneaking suspicion that even some of this is true, at what point would it be irresponsible to be “too busy” to investigate it?