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Barron Notes

Redirection: We can use the Redirection plugin. (See: ) This plugin also provides logging and other functionality. This should provide all the functionality we currently have and then some

Survey: We have a couple of options.

WPForms appears to be the biggest and most popular. The free version will give us surveys with relatively easy auto-fill and e-mail submission (see To use the star rating control we would have to pay.

Smart Forms looks to be cheaper and gives star ratings out of the box anyway. Unfortunately, I do not see a way to implement auto-fill from the URL. However, there is an option to include JavaScript code in the form, so that might be a way to make it work (see

Other forms plugins do exist, but I think one of these would be worth exploring further

Static Page: Note that the WordPress definition of “static” does not conform to the usual definition of “static”. A “static” page in WordPress parlance is still a PHP page that is built using the designers provided by WordPress, but is not a collection of posts. Since WordPress was originally designed for blogging, it would make sense for the primary focus to be on posts, rather than static pages

It appears it may be possible to upload truly static HTML pages that can then be served by the site, but this is not supported by WordPress and I did not find a plugin that supports it.

iFrame: iFrames can be embedded as usual. See the sample iFrame page for an example of an un-modified IH Widget ( The “Advanced iFrame” plugin reports that it can pass parameters to the iFrame. Could be useful if we decide to embed surveys, signups, etc. (