Microsoft Exchange:

With our Microsoft Exchange Server expertise you will have the ability to control your email services with an onsite solution or a Cloud solution. We can help your small to mid-sized business implement Office 365 so you will have the convenience and compatibility of Microsoft Exchange without the large upfront costs of server acquisition and implementation. For larger companies and enterprise installations we can implement onsite Exchange Servers so you have complete control over your email implementation and you won't have to worry about whether your employees can continue to communicate with each other in the event of internet downtime.

If you are looking to migrate from an onsite server installation to a cloud solution, Accent Consulting has the experience and team to properly and quickly migrate you to the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint:

Microsoft SharePoint is the perfect platform for companies that need an internal website and sharing space to coordinate documents, projects, and events. With Accent Consulting guiding you through the implementation and training on SharePoint your company will no longer have to use antiquated and difficult to maintain filing and organization systems.

Our customers use our SharePoint solutions to keep their employees connected to company news, provide Knowledge Bases and Standard Best Practices, track productivity, increase productivity, and as an internal social network. Your employees will be able to quickly share and edit documents as a team without printing endless paper copies for review. Managers will be able to see real-time progress of their teams without time-wasting 'status-update' meetings.

If you are looking to increase productivity, decrease costs, and give your employees the same networking advantages of today's most innovative and profitable companies, Accent Consulting's SharePoint solutions are right for you.

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