Our Managed IT Technology Care Plans give your business access to our experienced and knowledgeable IT staff who are ready to implement, automate, and maintain your technology systems. We value your time so we offer easy to understand flat rate plans. We will find the right plan for your company’s needs so that you don’t waste money on unneeded services. With Accent Consulting you will have a trusted IT partner based out of Lafayette and Fort Wayne Indiana, that can help you plan ahead, increase productivity, and save money!

6 Segments of Managed IT
Strategy We provide detailed analytics around backups, technology performance, internet connectivity, and labor. Quarterly two hour meetings will be conducted to plan your budget, infrastructure, technology, and network.
Cloud Services We cover your cloud backups, network protection, and mail protection. Keeping you informed and current on your storage, antivirus management, and email security.
Monitoring We proactively monitor your external and internal networks, active directory, and remote file sync 24/7 365 days per year. We will reactively notify ISP of outages as well as be the point of contact for any notifications or automated resolution processes.
Administration We provide user administration, product administration, and 3rd party administration. Our technicians will keep your user information, licenses, and vendor registrations accurate and up to date.
Maintenance We manage your system optimization, security, functionality, service packs, and compatibility maintenance. On premise server backup management will be maintained and we perform an annual backup audit.
Support We provide unmatched support including; Live Help Desk Support, Software Support, Operating System Support, Hardware Support, 3rd Party Support, User Support, On site Support, and Device Support. Our technicians will keep your business knowledgeable and performing at peak efficiencies.
Technology Care Plans
Total Care Plan:

Our Total Care Plan gives you the reassurance of knowing that we are handling all of your IT needs. With this plan you gain access to our expert technical team, 24/7 Emergency Support, Help desk Support, Incident Resolution, and industry leading certifications and knowledge.

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Comparison Chart
Technology Plans to Meet Your Needs
Basic Care Pro Care Total Care
Cloud Services
Cloud Backup
Mail Protection
Network Protection
Proactive Monitoring
Reactive Response
User Administration
Product Management
Third Party Administration
Proactive Maintenance
On site Backup
Device Support (MARC)
Software Support
OS Support
Hardware Support
On site Support
Third Party Support
User Support
Areas Covered
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